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Welcome to Save Vault

Save Vault is an online save sharer where users can upload and share their Xbox 360 saves with other users without any hassle what so ever. Save Vault provides a clean and simple method of finding your favourite saves and allowing you to download them with ease.

With the built in resigner there is no need to download a save and then open it in one of the many tools to change your IDs and resign it so you are able to use that save. With Save Vault you just add your profile and when you go to download a save it will resign the save with your IDs ready to be moved onto your device.

Did you know?

  • There are 18 users currently browsing Save Vault
  • That 436 files have been uploaded to Save Vault
  • That there has been a total of 19153 unique downloads
  • That 809 likes have been given
  • There are 11701 registered accounts

Save Vault v3

Over the last couple of months I have been recoding Save Vault from scratch. The reason behind doing this is because I learnt so much when creating Save Vault v2. With version 3 you will notice that there is a large decrease in loading times(1110% faster in fact).

Save Vault v3 offers lots of new features like browsing by your favorite developer, publisher and even game genres to help you find those saves which you are being looking for. The Save Set support is a great new feature in Save Vault as it allows you to upload groups of saves(must be for the same game) all at once which is great for Achievement Sets

We have also broke previous boundaries; one feature Save Vault lacked was a Device Explorer but no longer. We have made it possible for you to upload from devices, download and save to your device without any other applications like Horizon, Modio, FATXplorer. The Save Vault FATX system is currently being tested by a select group of users to ensure that no bugs are found and will be released to Premium Users within the next month.

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