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BL2: Modded Weapons

Borderlands 2
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  • Upload Date: Sat 23 March 2013
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Normal mode is complete and true vault hunter mode is at the start.
There is a bank vault in claptraps place at the start of tvh mode.

You will need to wait about 20-30 seconds before scrolling through the stuff in the bank or else it will glitch because of the amount in it. If that happens just back out of the bank and re-enter. Just wait and its all good. If you do this it will be perfect. Remember put all mods back into bank before quitting.

Take stuff outa bank vault by swapping it with normal in backpack.
Make sure to always put all modded stuff back into your bank vault by swapping modded in backpack for normal in bank vault.

Infinite ammo
99,999,999 money
999 seraph crystals
999 Torgue tokens
99 Eridium
All skill trees filled
Everything in the backpack is unmodded legendary or better stuff.

Bank is full of modded black weapons, shields, class mods and grenade mods. Some new ones in there too that i never got to try out yet so if them ones don't work or disappear... Sorry.
You will need to wait a minute or so when you open the bank to let the items load so it doesn't lag. Theres alot in the bank.

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  • jtsav jtsav

    Pete- To stick this on your Xbox, you will need the program Modio or Horizon. There probably is others you can use but those are the best for it. You will need to download it, and open it using either one of those. You will then get a thingy showing the characters name, Sir Modley, the file name you gave him under that, pictures of Borderlands 2, and under that it should give you the option to download it onto the flashdrive under different profiles. You should have at least 1 game save from any game downloaded under the profile you want to use so it has it on there. Then you just select the profiles profile code, wait a few seconds and it will download.

    1 year ago
  • spongyice spongyice

    one question though what level is this for?

    1 year ago

    hi, this may be a stupid question, i'm not great on computer :(
    how do i transfer the save to my hard drive?, i have put the save on a flashdrive and it comes up as an xbox game save on my xbox but will not let me transfer it onto my hard drive. I do not understand why, please help if you can,

    many thanks, Pete

    1 year ago
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